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    Oracle report 12c

    Sarah QA

      Dear all,


      I want to create table something like the following


      create table uni_project(

      project_date date,

      project_name varchar2(20),

      project_notes varchar2(20),

      project_credit number(10),

      project_debit number(10),

      project_balance number(10),

      project_total number(10),

      project_created_by varchar2(10));


      Q.1. How to use Date in web_show_doc() to display record by date?

      Q2. what will be the code for Project_created_by col in oracle form?

      Q.3 what will be the formula for Credit col to be added to balance col and if its debit should be minus from balance col and total would be correct after using formula.

      Please help me out. thanks a lot