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    FreeIPA installation fails at DNS step


      Hi guys,


      Does anybody else see it:



        [4/7]: setting up SoftHSM

        [5/7]: adding DNSSEC containers

        [6/7]: creating replica keys

        [7/7]: configuring ipa-dnskeysyncd to start on boot

      Done configuring DNS key synchronization service (ipa-dnskeysyncd).

      Restarting ipa-dnskeysyncd

      Restarting named

      Named service failed to start (CalledProcessError(Command ['/bin/systemctl',

      'restart', 'named-pkcs11.service'] returned non-zero exit status 1: 'Job for

      named-pkcs11.service failed because the control process exited with error

      code.\nSee "systemctl status named-pkcs11.service" and "journalctl -xe" for


      named service failed to start

      Updating DNS system records

      Configuring client side components

      This program will set up IPA client.

      Version 4.8.4



      It reproduces each time. I tried both on bare metal and in KVM guest.





      many thanks, P.