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    Implement additional GLs within the CO


      Goo day

      If a company provides project management services on behalf of various organizations as an implementation agent. The company procures goods and services on behalf of the clients, project manages the delivery of such goods and services and the effects payments to third pa suppliers on behalf of the clients.

      From a financial accounting perspective, transactions arising from these implementing agent activities have historically been incorporated into the company’s own proprietary general ledger. However, since these transactions are not the company’s own proprietary transactions but rather transactions belonging to clients, the need and intention is to create separate accounting general ledgers for (at least) each of company’s major clients. It is envisaged that the basic business and accounting policies and procedures for these new general ledgers would largely mirror company’s own policies and procedures (i.e. be similar to the current Oracle configurations and processes)


      we need advise on how to design, develop and implement a number of separate GLs


      thanks in advance