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      Hi Experts,


      checkMTpatch.sh lists a patch 28343311 that is superseded. This patch was originally replaced by patch 28710912. The most recent replacement for this patch is 30857748. I applied the newer patch 30857748, the etcc still lists the missing older patch Filename: p28343311_1036_Generic.zip, what should I do? Can I ignored this warning or install old patch 28343311?


      Thanks for your advice.

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          Hi ,


          Make sure you downloaded latest ETCC version .

          If you ran checkMTpatch.sh from latest ETCC patch , then you can ignore this .


          Mostly in next ETCC version this new patch will be added .




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            Thanks for your reply,


            Do you know if DBA is used old ETCC version of checkdbpatch.sh (JAN version) and applied the missing patches then passed to me to upgrade EBS R12.2, can I use the latest ETCC version of checkMTpatch.sh (APR version) to apply the missing patches? Any conflict ?

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              You need to fix your ETCC version and patchset .

              If you apply latest ETCC version , you need to apply all latest recommended patches .


              To answer your question , if you run JAN ETCC report you should have applied ETCC patch list at that time .

              If you missed track of the same ,


              1) Download latest ETCC

              2) Run checkMTpatch

              3) Apply the recommended patches

              4) Make sure checkMTPatch is not recommending any new patches

              5) Freeze ETCC version and patches you applied , also make a track of the same


              Hope I clarified your answer