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    REST API Requisition Import Example


      Is there a REST example counterpart to the SOAP example of a Requisition Import (https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/SearchDocDisplay?_adf.ctrl-state=1d9nrtf04b_348&_afrLoop=399006207223267#REF_TEXT , PRC:SSP: Oracle Fusion Purchase Requisition Web Services Examples (Doc ID 2466504.1))?


      A sample payload would be very helpful to see an example to answer the following questions:

      1. If the field names are the same as the SOAP example payload

      2. If a REST API can be used to submit an import requisition is a similar way, meaning all in the same call and, if so, which endpoint should be used? /fscmRestApi/resources/

      3. How would we indicate a charge account ID with more than one value? When we import requisitions via .csv, we plug values into 12 different chart segment fields. Would we indicate this by just delineating with periods? ex. 12345.123.12345.123.54321.0000., etc.?


      I've tried to use this url (https://eczc-test.prc.em2.oraclecloud.com/procurementApi/resources/ ) from this pdf presentation (OPC-Web-Services.pdf), but it is a dead link and didn't display the REST example like the presentation suggested.