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    Forum layout issues


      I don't think this will be the first time these issues are discussed here, but I still haven't seen an answer.


      1. The layout for a mobile device is horrible. When is the forum going to be responsive?


      2. The layered response make many threads unreadable, even on a regular PC, like this example:


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          Timo Hahn

          1) My guess is that there won't be a change for mobile devices. This problem has been reported from the very beginning. Nothing has been done about it. I request the desktop page in the browser. I can live with this.

          2) this has been discussed at length. There are a couple of ideas around this threaded view (https://community.oracle.com/ideas/24003#comment-1039595, https://community.oracle.com/ideas/11572#comment-972052, and many more) . My personal preference is to use the flat mode.



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            I did learn something from your response: flat view. Never knew that existed.

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              I would say "flat" is the wrong nomenclature. It should have been called "chronological" vs. "threaded", which makes more sense. The "threaded" view has practical limits and would require some logic relative to the current position inside the thread. You can obviously not indent dozens of responses in a linear or progressive fashion and maintain readability at the same time.


              The default, according to past discussions, should be "flat". Can we assume you never changed the default in your account preferences? As I recall, there was a difference whether or not you are signed in vs. browsing anonymously. However, the default should always be "flat". Perhaps this whole matter requires attention by the site administrator. Jim Finch-Oracle




              Btw, "flat" is a design concept. We are "blessed" with flat application and desktop interfaces, as opposed to "skeuomorphic", since the end of Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks, iOS6, Windows 7, and introduction of the Linux Gnome Shell, for example. Characteristic of the flat design are one-dimensional simplified graphics and colors, like mono colored symbols, vs. realistic looking objects you may associate with "real" life. Some call it easy and elegant, but I call it adjusting to mediocre software development. Flat makes no visual difference between objects that control the user interface and regular text and graphics. What's the point of archaic CGA graphics in high resolution? My video adapter can do much better than that. I can't wait for it to finally bite the dust, but I digress.

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                Jim Finch-Oracle

                Addressing the mobile issue: this version of Jive does not support a mobile view at all. It is best to request the desktop version if your phone supports it.


                Flat vs. threaded is handled in the account preferences. Not something we can change by default right now. We will look at it for future designs, but not something I can change right now with the Jive client.





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                  this version of Jive does not support a mobile view at all.

                  Time for something more modern? As a tech company you can't use this as a demo of your technology, IMHO.

                  For Oracle this forum can be a playground for testing new technologies, like using AI, deep learning and chat bots to learn from questions and answers by real people. Oracle should clearly do something better than this:

                  (see: Re: Always Free Database "terminated" ??? )


                  But I'm off-topic now....


                  threaded is handled in the account preferences

                  I never knew that, up to now (after many years )

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                    Jim Finch-Oracle

                    Sadly, Oracle doesn't have a forum solution in active development so we're using a third party solution.


                    That said, we're taking every comment, complaint, idea, etc. under consideration should opportunity arise in the future.





                    System Admin

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                      Thanks for the feedback Jim.


                      Here is an option, built with Oracle Apex:


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                        AI, deep learning and chat bots, any other buzzwords? There are enough products available for the usual chit-chat. No need to reinvent the wheel and deal with a flat tire. Does Oracle need to compete with Twitter or Facebook? I don't think so. That's not what previous Oracle management or the platform initially promised. Regarding a smartphone interface, I use a real keyboard and a big screen for the work I do and have no use for a dumbed-down mobile interface, no matter how old fashion that may sound.


                        I think Jive version 6, some years ago, was a better experience than 7 and 8. The site was also a lot more popular. Why do problems that were fixed in version 5 and 6 show up again in release 7 or 8? Like the "flat" vs. "threaded" default, for example. We are moving in circles, which is boring. Is this a problem with the product, or experience or lack of documentation? What, for example, switched the positions of the user pull-down and points in the community banner, again, several months ago? My mouse doesn't need moving targets.



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                          Flat vs. threaded is handled in the account preferences. Not something we can change by default right now.



                          I don't know if the following applies, but as I recall, the default was changed in previous versions of the platform. For example:




                          "This is a global setting for all users, but note that individual users can change their Discussion View Style under their General Preferences and that their preference overrides your global setting here." And further down it reads: "If you're seeing slower performance, try disabling read tracking and turning the thread mode default to flat."