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    Best practise to configure network redundancy for LDOM and Zones

    Ooi BH



      I would like to ask for best practice idea to configure network redundancy using EMOC.

      I have CDOM with 8 NIC. (1 x MGMT, 1 x BCK, 2 x APP, 2 x DB, 2 x WEB). No IPMP/AGGR created at this level.

      In EMOC, i create network domain for each vlan and attach the network to my multiple LDOM. For example, 1 LDOM with 1 x MGMT (with IP),  2 x APP (Interface not plumb)

      Inside this LDOM, i will have 10 zones that will use the APP segment.


      I would like my zone to have full network redundancy for the segment with 2xNIC, what is the best way and how to do it.


      Thank you.