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    help to export data with bulk 2.0 exports API

    Wayne Chan-Oracle

      Hi Eloqua experts,


      I want to export data from one of my Eloqua object using Bulk 2.0 Exports API. I followed the example from Eloqua doc on Exporting data but the example failed when I tested it.

      The API endpoint I use is: /bulk/2.0/activities/exports

      the export json data is: {
      "name":"Example Activity Export",

      But POSTMAN came back with 400 error code validation error. The response from Eloqua is:




          "failures": [


                  "field": "name",

                  "constraint": "Must be a string value, at least 1 character and at most 100 characters long."



                  "field": "fields",

                  "constraint": "Is required."






      Please advise what I did wrong with this example code set. I plan to follow it to export data for a segment object.



      Wayne Chan