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    Essential solution for "missing msvcr100.dll"?


      it is already solved for me, but maybe it can be improved basically.



      For the last (5-8?) years there are some postings, relating the problem "Unable to launch java ..." due to a not found "msvcr100.dll".


      It seem to be fixed for SQL Dev. including JDK, but I stumbled into the same problem yesterday when I tried to install "AdoptOpenJDK" - same problem, DLL not found.

      Problem and solution described by another user here:



      I asked AdoptOpenJDK what to do:


      but they recommended another solution and - I had already MS VC 2010 ...


      I don't know how, but it would be great if there will be a way to handle this problem so that the user has a smooth and simple way to use SQL dev. plus JVM plus ...