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    Fact Table Selection for Multiple stars in OBIEE


      Hello Experts,


      I have the below scenario in my project where we have multiple stars.

      1. Implicit Fact column in defined on Fact 3

      2. Logical levels are defined on all facts as total for non conformed dimensions and detail for conformed dimensions

      Issue Description: I have created with Dim1, Fact1, Dim2. 2 separate queries are generated for this report

      a) Dim1 and Fact1

      b) Dim2 and Fact2


      My requirement is that the second query should hit the Fact3 table and not Fact 2. The implicit fact column comes into play only when there is no fact column. As soon as I add the Fact 1 column and then Dim 2 in my report, it ignores the implicit fact column and takes Fact2.

      I hope I was able to explain the scenario well.

      Please suggest.