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    Strange validation bug when upgrading to 19.4.6

    Olafur T

      Hi thatJeffSmith-Oracle


      Ran into this strange problem while upgrading. 3 out of 4 instances where upgraded without problem. One simply stopped working, all ORDS services responding with 404.


      We ran multiple "java -jar ords.war validate" and they came out with no errors.

      Tried resetting the passwords, checking if password was expired etc.. None of that did anything.


      So I moved the ords directory and went through the "java -jar ords.war setup" again, just to start again from scratch.


      Ran into this error:


      Enter 1 if you want to verify/install Oracle REST Data Services schema or 2 to skip this step [1]:
      Enter the database password for ORDS_PUBLIC_USER:
      Confirm password:
      Retrieving information.
      Error the ORDS_VERSION does not exist.


      So we started to note down any differences between ORDS_PUBLIC_USER in this database vs the others. Found out that the schema was missing a role that the others had.


      So the DBA ran:



      I ran the ords setup process again without a problem and the services started working again.


      Shouldn't the "java -jar ords.war validate" process have picked up that the user was missing a vital role?