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    the symbol # cut parameter value

    Mary Bagir

      Hi Guys

      we have oracle 19c, apex 19.1, ords 18.2;

      using Apex utility in Restful Database Services I  created module, ORDS template, GET & PUT handlers with parameters.

      it is working fine, besides when parameter value has symbol #. how can I handle parameter with symbol #?


      example of test

      curl.exe -X PUT http://<server_name>/ords/it2/opsoracle/instance/insts1/38177/wXef#9369

      38177/wXef#9369 are 2 parameter (1-integer/2-string).

      in the handler

      I have update statement:

      update <table_name>

      set col2=:2

      where col1=:1;

      new value in col2 will be "wXe"

      if use any another special symbols like !,&,@ I don't have problem;


      curl.exe -X PUT http://<server_name>/ords/it2/opsoracle/instance/insts1/38177/wXef!9369

      38177/wXef!9369 are 2 parameter (1-integer/2-string).

      new value in col2 will be "wXef!9369"

      Can you help me?

      Thanks Mary