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    OracleError.ArrayBindIndex is always -1 using ODP.NET Core


      We use ODP.NET Core version 2.19.31, and we like to use Array Binding feature. We pass a bunch of objects to be inserted using Array Binding. When exception occurs, we would like to get detailed information about the object, that caused this exception. According to this article, it is quite possible: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E85694_01/ODPNT/featOraCommand.htm#GUID-AB68A40C-FF5A-471D-AF4C-61D1096E9B3A


      It says: "Each of these OracleError objects represents an individual error that occurred during the execution, and contains a provider-specific property, ArrayBindIndex, which indicates the row number at which the error occurred". Unfortunately in our case ArrayBindIndex property of OracleError is always filled with -1. And we always see only one OracleError object inside OracleErrorCollection object, no matter how many erroneous objects have been passed. Error, that triggered our exception, was: "ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allows for this column".


      Does that meen, that some features are not fully implemented in ODP.NET Core? If so, are they planned to be implemented in future versions?