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    12c Jdeveloper ( suddenly not compiling the soa codes.

    Srinanda Das

      12c Jdeveloper ( is suddenly not compiling the soa codes /projects.


      I have suddenly observed that Jdeveloper is not compiling my code due to this,  also not able to create JAR file deploy.


      Its stuck as following line:

      Buildfile: C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\soa\bin\ant-sca-compile.xml



          [input] skipping input as property scac.input has already been set.

           [scac] Validating composite "C:\WorkSpace\SVN\private\branches\tt_itcore_soa_v1\code\soa\Application\Test_Integration\composite.xml"

          [scac] soa.mds.consolidation is set to false


      also seeing the below line in extensions tab. dont know if its related to this issue.

      Warning:  contains deprecated <feature-hook> hook; use the new <feature> hook instead


      Can you kindly guide me how to resolve this issue.


      Thank you in advance.