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    Need help getting dbms_utility.get_time variable working in sqlplus script


      I have never asked for help here, but here goes.


      i am trying to create an sqlplus sql file that can connect to a database.a


      I need to find the time to connect via a variable so that I can test the difference.

      So I am trying to use dbms_utility.get_time


      I have seen examples, on



      set serveroutput on


      variable ntime number


      :ntime := dbms_utility.get_time




      :ntime := (DBMS_utility.get_time - :ntime) / 100 to get it into seconds.


      I have never been able to see the value of :ntime


      But I never see the :ntime value


      NOTE: I want to do this programatically so I AM not going to use sqlplus set timer on


      And I was told I cant do a execute immediate of connect with a block.