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    ODP.NET managed driver + kerberos and database authentication


      Hello, we develop ASP.NET MVC portal that interacts with Oracle 12c using ODP.NET 12.2.1100 managed driver. According to the documentation, we configured the database connection using Kerberos. Everything works fine, but some users need to authenticate using a username and password.

      The application logic is implemented in such a way that first an attempt is made to authenticate the user via kerberos, and if any error occurs, the user is redirected to the login and password form. We encountered the problem that after the user enters the username and password on the authentication form and opens a connection to the database, the same error occurs as the one generated earlier during the connection attempt via kerberos.We suspect that ODP.NET managed driver is trying to authenticate the user via kerberos, although the connection string contains a username and password.

      In accordance with all of the above, can ODP.NET programmatically manage the user authentication type (kerberos authentication for some and database authentication for others)?