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    How does printing APEX pages' regions process work?



      I am using Apex 18.2 and ORDS 18.4 as a printing server.

      I am not sure if this is the appropriate space to ask the question or APEX's is. Feel free to tell me if it's not.

      Applications in APEX uses themes. Those themes have charset defined in their CSS files using @charset attribute. According to the docs, the stylesheet is downloaded to the ORDS plus the data to print when printing. ORDS also has "Encoding" defined in it's "Defaults.xml" configuration file. The OS has it's character encoding too. I need to know, which character encoding controls the printing process? What if they are different?

      - Does ORDS search for fonts installed on the OS?

      - What happens if the font is not installed?

      - Is the process different if the output format is different i.e PDF, HTML, etc...?

      I'd appreciate if someone can tell me what happens in the background step by step.


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          Dimitri Gielis

          Hi Eslam,


          The build-in printing functionality in ORDS for APEX has been deprecated. When you have for example ORDS 19.4 you don't have printing anymore.

          So are you sure you want to invest time into this?


          These days most often APEX Office Print (AOP) is used for printing and exporting in the format you want (PDF, HTML, Word, Excel, ...).

          Full disclosure, my company build AOP. From APEX 20.1 onwards you can select APEX Office Print as your print server, instead of the deprecated ORDS implementation.

          AOP also works with APEX 18.2 and is unrelated to the ORDS version. I don't want to promote our product, but it is the most integrated solution for APEX currently on the market.


          Another alternative would be BI Publisher.


          Hope that helps,


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            I did not thought the printing option wouldn't be there in 20.1. It's good you mentioned that because I was thinking about upgrading to 20.1.

            I believe AOP is the best option for reporting and printing. Unfortunately, with one problem - it's not free. Maybe it's not a problem for everyone. But for now I am seeking a free solution.


            P.S. there is nothing wrong with promoting a good product even it's yours. Thanks for creating such a product.