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    EF Core 3.1 - ORA-00918 - Oracle 11g using Projections

    Jochen Jonckheere



      I encountered and ORA-00918 and quickly found in the readme that there is an issue when using row limiting and querying 2 columns with the same name, but only on Oracle 12.1.


      The database I'm using is Oracle and I also have this issues. In my case I'm using an projection and having properties that are named the same in parent object and child object.

      Below a snippet of the projection, just before that, a Join is used to fetch the matching child.


          ....Select(p => new Parent


              Id = p.parent.id

              Name = p.parent.Name

              Child = new Child {

                  Id = p.child.Id

                  Name = p.cheild.Name




      Maybe it is a new issue because I don't see it being related to bug 29199665 and or 29686264?


      As a workaround, I had to rename the properties in the child object.


      Kind regards,


      Jochen Jonckheere