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    Oracle Community is on the move?


      I was just reading the announcement "Oracle Community is on the move!"...


      I hope it's OK that I'm somewhat reluctant to share the same level of enthusiasm. Change is inevitable and sometimes necessary, at least considering the decline of participation, as far as I can tell, but I'm not so sure, however, it is the platform that needs to change. If the past gives any prediction about the future, I wonder when was the last time changes were for the better.


      So, anyway, what are the dire consequences going to be for regular forum members and forum leader boards? What is there to see in the posted picture of the announcement? The fancy birds sitting on a tree and that you can resize the window horizontally and vertically can hardly be the big deal.


      A more modern, simple and mobile-friendly interface

      To my current experiences, this typically translates to less customization and features available. However, what I was hoping for are more customization and features. For example, better ways to edit content and include code, as well as more control over publishing content.


      New features such as social sharing, embedded videos, and more

      I hope this does not mean more Twitter for Facebook.


      Increased ways to connect and engage with other community members

      I don't understand. Besides, why would I want to connect or engage with others in other ways than currently available?



      Is the new platform Oracle cooked, or another vendor, or an upgrade of the current software?


      What are you not going to migrate?



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