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    SQLDeveloper omitting procedure owner in procedure editor




      We have a large project with lots (60+) schemas, so usually dealing with while it logged in as a member of DBA group because switching that many connections becomes impractical.


      We stumbled upon a quirk that is causing lots of frustration, namely when editing a procedure in another schema, SQLDeveloper opens the proceure in a new editor with schema owner missing in the declaration part. Of course compiling such editor causes the procedure to be created under the currently logged in user (DBA) instead of the correcting the right source procedure.


      When I log in as a DBA group member (i.e. SYSTEM) and navigate in the tree to "other users", expand a schema, expand procedures and do a double click on procedure name (or right click on it and select Edit), the editor opens with a declaration such as

      Please note the blank space where shcema owner should be.


      while DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL gives this declaration (run as the same DBA user):




      so correct with schema owner.


      Please note that this incorrect procedure editor behaviour is observed with default, out of the box, settings on  Version Build 354.1759 with Java  1.8.0_221.


      Please include a fix for this in the next version.


      Kind regards, Aleksander