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    Incorrect results when drag/drop mixed case named tables onto worksheet




      We spotted a bug when drag/dropping mixed case named tables from navigation tree onto SQL worksheet.


      Upon drop a dialog appears where the user can choose the type of statement to be created on release;

      - DML statements give correct quotation and case of letters in the table name

      - choosing just "object name" gives inconsistent results; missing quotation, and sometimes incorrect case of letters in the name of the table


      This inconsistency becomes more obvious when dropping tables from other schemas, when the produced table name gets prefixed with schema owner.


      For example for a table named BONUSMANAGEMENT.."AuditBonus" upon drop I get




      Please note missing quotation and incorrect case of letter B in Bonus.The case of schema owner really does not matter as it is not (and must never be) quoted.


      This is observed with default settings on build 354.1759.


      I'd like to suggest also a modification of copy/paste behavior of mixed case named tables - currently if a mixed case table name is selected in the navigation tree, pressing CTRL+C and pasting (CTRL+V) into the worksheet produces correctly cased table name although without quotes and schema owner. It would be much more useful to have fully qualified name with quotation as the result of the paste operation.



      Hopefully a fix for this makes it into the next release


      Kind regards, Aleksander