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    SQL Query to get the title (caption) of DFF attribute from FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS



      We are on R12.2.6


      I have created a Lookup on "Common Lookups" screen (FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS). I have stored 30 values in this lookup. The DFF is also enabled and we are using 15 attributes from Global Data Elements (attribute 1 to attribute15).


      I need a SQL query that will return all 30 rows along with the title (caption) given to each DFF attribute. A regular SQL query on FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS would return me attribute1, attribute2....attribute15 for each row. But I need a query that should return the Lookup type, Lookup Meaning, Lookup Description, code, meaning, description, tag, from, to, enabled AND UserName, NMFC (xxxx), Item template ID, Item type and so on.....


      I know I need to use FND_DESCR_FLEX_COLUMN_USAGES to get the title (caption) for each enabled attribute on FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS but am unable to write the query. Appreciate your help in this regard.


      Thank you.