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    SQL Query to get the title (caption) of DFF attribute from FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS



      We are on R12.2.6


      I have created a Lookup on "Common Lookups" screen (FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS) and stored 30 values (rows). The DFF is also enabled and we are using 15 attributes from Global Data Elements (attribute 1 to attribute15). See below screenshot.


      I need a SQL query that will return all 30 rows along with the title (caption) given to each DFF attribute. A regular SQL query on FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS would return me attribute1, attribute2....attribute15 for each row. But I need a query that should return the Lookup type, Lookup Meaning, Lookup Description, code, meaning, description, tag, from, to, enabled AND UserName, NMFC (xxxx), Item template ID, Item type and so on.....This will immensely help in knowing the actual usage of the attribute instead of the term attribute1, attribute2 and so on.


      I know I need to use FND_DESCR_FLEX_COLUMN_USAGES to get the title (caption) for each enabled attribute on FND_COMMON_LOOKUPS but am unable to write the query. Appreciate your help in this regard.


      Thank you.