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    EBS Migration and split out database from applications node




      I'm looking for migrate my current single node configuration where I have running ebs 12.2.4 (applications + database) in a single host to a multinode architecture with 12.2.9, in the new infra I will have an applications host and another database host


      To simplify

      Host A: old host (applications + database together)

      Host B: new applications node

      Host C: new database node


      Do you think this is a good procedure?


      1) clone applications with rapid clone  Doc ID 406982.1 After this I will have two applicaitons on differents nodes (A and B) and the database still running in the former node (A)

      2) remove original applications node form former host (A). After this I will have one applications node running in the new host (B) and the database still running in the old host (A)

      3) migrate the database to the new database host (C). Is there any document that explains this? After this I will have applications in host B and database in host C

      4) upgrade EBS from to