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    Is there a trial option for Oracle Applications Cloud?


      Hi All

      I am aware of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and have explored its services.

      I know about the free trial account for OCI and have tried out both Oracle Database and Oracle EBS image on cloud (12.2.9 Demo image deployed on cloud instance)

      I want to know if there is a similar trial option for the Oracle Applications Cloud.

      Like Financials Cloud, Procurement Cloud etc?




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          Sylvain Martel

          Hello 4272169,


          As much as I tried to find a "Vision Instance" for Fusion Applications Cloud, I was not able to to.  It sort of make sense that there isn't available to the general public as you would consume SaaS resources.


          The only possible option I was able too find is that if you are an Oracle Partner registering an opportuunity to sell Fusion.  Then you would have the ability to access a Fusion Vision on the basis of an opportunity to sell.


          Other than that, that doesn't exist!


          Hope this helps...