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    Radius authentication does not work with Sql Developer 20.2




      I downloaded SQL Developer 20.2 "Windows 64-bit with JDK 8 included". During startup, I chose the option to copy the settings from my existing version (19.4).


      In the new version, while connecting to a database, external authentication using Radius isn't working. I get the "invalid username/ password" error message. In Preferences > Database > Advanced, I am using the Oracle Client and OCI Thick Driver. Configure > Test shows Success!


      Testing the Oracle Home located at C:\Oracle\client\product\12.2.0_x64\client_1
      Testing client directory ... OK
      Testing loading Oracle JDBC driver ... OK
      Testing checking Oracle JDBC driver version ... OK
        Driver version:
      Testing testing native OCI library load ... OK


      The external authentication works fine with the existing 19.4 version.


      Database version: 12.2

      Client: 12.2

      PC OS: Windows 10