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    scan - EBS r12.2.5


      Hi Experts,


      Our db version 2 node rac

      2 node application R12.2.5 shared


      Currently our tnsnames.ora have 3 scan vip's in our application nodes instead of scan name.


      [oraprod@proddb1 ~]$ srvctl status scan

      SCAN VIP scan1 is enabled

      SCAN VIP scan1 is running on node proddb1

      SCAN VIP scan2 is enabled

      SCAN VIP scan2 is running on node proddb2

      SCAN VIP scan3 is enabled

      SCAN VIP scan3 is running on node proddb2

      [oraprod@proddb1 ~]$


      our scan name : SCAN name: erpprod-scan.xyz.com


      TNS entries in application node
















      All these are scan VIP's.will scan canot support scan name instead of scan VIPS?

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          Maaz Khan



          There are few things you need to consider and check in your environment -

          1. sqlnet.ora configuration.

          2. value of remote_listener

          3. Changes in tnsnames.ora file after executing autoconfig.

          4. autoconfig version.


          Below is reference note from MOS for you-

          SCAN Registration Issue: Services Fail to Register to SCAN Listeners (Doc ID 1448717.1


          I have documented few things under -




          Summarising this, you can use scan entry provided your sqlnet.ora has configuration like below, -



          This implies  EZCONNECT having higher preference than TNSNAMES and value of REMOTE_LISTENER will be resolved by EZCONNECT method first.


          Considering other way like below -


          This will resulting in name getting resolved by entry found in tnsnames.ora.


          Hope this helps.








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