Display issue - on my daily use computer


    Trying to set up new account of NetSuite.  Problem is that my daily use computer has a discrete graphics card (nvidia Quardo K1100M) set up to run my SolidWorks CAD and so far I have found one screen with quirky behavior.  If it were off at the edge and was something I needed only rarely I would just go to another machine for a few minutes and do that work.  Unfortunately it is the "file cabinet" page which I need to run every time I get on NS.  The behavior is that when I try(first time) to select a directory or a file the lower portion jumps up about (5) rows and hides them under the upper screen information.  I am not then able to use the  bar on the right hand side of the list (if it appears) so that I can scroll, the cursor movement arrows have no effect, etc. - I do not get a second chance to try selecting anything i the top 5-6 lines.  Simply put I cannot get to these upper items in the lists.  But I can get to any file I can see so the file cabinet is still working (sort of).   I can reopen the file cabinet and repeat the issue as many times as I want.


    Has anybody else had this issue and determined a workaround?  The response from NS to date is that they have never seen this and that they do not know what graphics settings may be the issue.  I know that it is not my logon as I can go to other machines in the building and with my same logon can access the file cabinet correctly.  I can always have the company replace the computer (it is getting older) but this seems extreme for a browser base application.  I am also concerned, rightly or wrongly, that this same issue could affect the computations of NS in less obvious ways.  BTW - I am the Program Manager for this transition project.'


    Below is a partial screen shot of the view "after" the jump has occurred.