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    How to access/set Contact object isBounceback meta data

    Wayne Chan-Oracle

      Hi REST/API team,

      I need to access and set value of isBounceback meta data field from Contact object. Can you advise how to access and set this meta filed from contact object.

      I use /api/rest/1.0/data/contacts?search="emailAddress=abc@host.com" to retrieve a contact and it includes isBounceback value which I need to reset it if necessary.

      I use /api/bulk/2.0/contacts/fields to retrieve all internal field name of contact Object but it did not include "isBounceback" as well as some other meta fields such as currentStatus, businessPhone as shown below. Can you advise how to set the isBounceback meta data field.


      Wayne Chan





         "elements": [


         "type": "Contact",

         "currentStatus": "Awaiting action",

         "id": "xxxx",

         "createdAt": "xxxx",

         "depth": "complete",

         "name": "abc@host.com",

         "updatedAt": "xxxx",

         "businessPhone": "1234",

         "country": "US",

         "emailAddress": "abc@host.com",

         "emailFormatPreference": "unspecified",

         "fieldValues": [


         "type": "FieldValue",

         "id": "100005"



         "type": "FieldValue",

         "id": "100017"





         "type": "FieldValue",

         "id": "100225",

         "value": "890210727"



         "firstName": "xxxx",

         "isBounceback": "false",

         "isSubscribed": "true",

         "lastName": "xxx",

         "mobilePhone": "xxx",

         "subscriptionDate": "xxxx",

         "title": "xxxx"



         "page": 1,

         "pageSize": 1000,

         "total": 1


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          Lou Patrick

          isBounceback can not be set via the Application API, however; it can be set using the Bulk API.


          Example Definition:


              "name": "Set IsBounced",

              "fields": {

                  "C_EmailAddress": "{{Contact.Field(C_EmailAddress)}}",

                  "IsBounced": "{{Contact.Email.IsBounced}}"


              "identifierFieldName": "C_EmailAddress",

              "isSyncTriggeredOnImport": true,

              "dataRetentionDuration": "P7D",

              "isUpdatingMultipleMatchedRecords": false,

              "uri": "/contacts/imports/739",

              "createdBy": "API.User",

              "createdAt": "2020-07-16T18:46:58.7473890Z",

              "updatedBy": "API.User",

              "updatedAt": "2020-07-16T18:46:58.7473890Z"


          To set isBounceback to true, import a value of 1 for IsBounced. To set isBounceback to false, import a value of 0 for IsBounced.


          Example, setting isBounceback to true for contact.bounced@test.test and setting isBounceback to false for contact.notbounced@test.test:

          POST /api/Bulk/2.0/contacts/imports/739/data



                  "C_EmailAddress": "contact.bounced@test.test",

                  "IsBounced": "1"



                  "C_EmailAddress": "contact.notbounced@test.test",

                  "IsBounced": "0"