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    Access Eloqua campaign responses using Rest API


      Hi All,


      I am trying to access campaign responses using rest api in a c# program. I was able to get the contacts etc., so connectivity or how to access are not an issue.


      Issue I have with Campaign Responses is that filter is mandatory in the rest api call. Here is the sample from "filter": "STATUS('{{ActionInstance(7BE704D3AF604775AD416E8D0A5AB212).Execution[12345]}}') = 'pending' AND '{{CampaignResponse.CreatedAt}}' > '2017-09-01 13:41:20.985'"




      What are the values for ActionInstance and Execution?




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          Lou Patrick

          You need to develop an app action service. Once the app is developed, the app user needs to follow the steps detailed in Campaign response setup for marketers.


          Note the following feature highlights from Using the campaign endpoints:

          • Enables sending campaign responses to any CRM using an App Action Service on a Program or Campaign Canvas. Previously, campaign responses could only be sent using Integration Rules or Program Builder to a native CRM integration.
          • Limits use to one app service instance to ensure all campaign responses are successfully sent to the designated CRM.

          If you are looking for direct access to campaign responses, note the following activity fields (exert from the Changelog):

          We've added two new activity fields related to campaign responses:

          • {{Activity.CampaignResponse.CreatedAt}} - The date and time the campaign response was created.
          • {{Activity.CampaignResponse.Field(MemberStatus)}} - The status of the campaign member.

          These new fields enable retrieving campaign response fields with exported activities to analyze campaign response data. These activity fields are available for the Email Open, Email Clickthrough, Email Send, Page View, and Form Submit activity types.

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            Thanks a lot Lou. it was very helpful. For some reason the memberstatus were blank, but this give me an idea of looking at the activity rather than campaign response. Through activity i was able to get the email click through and know the user response. Thanks again.