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    Help with delegation for my standard domain


      Hi - I have DynDNS.  I originally registered my domain with GoDaddy.  Two years ago I think I transferred it to Dyn.  I've never gotten the domain to work (although I kept paying Dyn....I know ) and am finally trying to fix it. 


      I have Dyn Standard DNS Service for the domain.  When I go to the DNS page for the domain, I get that the delegation is incorrect.  See below.  But for the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it.  The domain isn't listed under my godaddy account any more so I think it's successfully managed by Dyn.  I have an A-record and alias set up for the domain....but no NS records.  Do I have to add NS records to fix this up?  Can't figure out what to set them to.....where is it getting ns23.domaincontrol.com and ns24?


      Help please!  Thanks much.