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    Expectations/standards for ORDS REST API format, parameters (e.g. { or :), etc. from APEX background?




      We have some long-lived APEX applications that started life in APEX 3.2, migrated to 4.2 then 5.1 and currently upgrading to APEX 19 and then to 20.1


      In the same time period we moved much more slowly through ORDS, mainly a jump from ORDS 3 to ORDS 18 and we'll probably go with the current version when we roll-out the upgraded APEX applications.


      During that period, the style of REST URIs expected by APEX/ORDS seems to have changed e.g. we have some old URIs that are of the style 'location/query?easting=:easting&northing=:northing' or 'location/query?{params}' which no longer appear to be acceptable by APEX/ORDS - we either get warnings if we try to create new templates with '?' in them


      I tried to refer to the current ORDS Getting Started documents, but they didn't seem to be too specific and some the examples e.g. URIs for OAUTH being of the form 'template/?param' aren't accepted by APEX/ORDS.


      Is there a document that describes accurately the expected format of URIs, parameter styles ({param} or :param), optional parameters, etc. ?