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    Evaluating NULL values in Fast Formulas


      Hello everyone,


      Kindly help on this.


      I'm getting the below error from the Fast Formula. This FF is being called from another FF. I have given the codes below. I want to check if the str_Dates variable is NULL. This variable can hold a null value. So I'm checking IF ISNULL(str_Dates) = 'N'. It's throwing error at this line only. Kindly let me know how to evaluate NULL value in the IF statement.Vinod Gowda-MichaMy Oracle Support Community


      Formula XX_YYYY_CURRENT_VALUE_START_DT_FF, line 5, a local variable was used before being initialized.  Details: Assign a value to local variable STR_DATES before it's referenced.


      XX_YYYY_CURRENT_VALUE_START_DT_FF fast formula is as below:


      INPUTS ARE str_Dates(TEXT),




      IF ISNULL(str_Dates) = 'N' THEN


      l_Status_Start_Date = GET_VALUE_SET('xx_yyyy_STATUS_MIN_ST_DT_VS','|=P_ASG_ID='''||str_Assignment_ID||''''||'|P_EFF_DT='''||TO_CHAR(str_EFFECTIVE_DATE,'YYYY-MM-DD')||'''')

      l_curr_val_Start_Date = TO_DATE(l_Status_Start_Date,'YYYY-MM-DD')




      l_val_Start_Date = TO_DATE(SUBSTR(str_Dates,1,10),'YYYY-MM-DD')

      l_val_End_Date = TO_DATE(SUBSTR(str_Dates,12,10),'YYYY-MM-DD')

      l_curr_val_Start_Date = ADD_DAYS(l_val_End_Date ,1)


      return l_curr_val_Start_Date


      Calling code:

      call_formula ('XX_YYYY_CURRENT_VALUE_START_DT_FF',

      l_Loc_Dates > 'str_Dates',

      l_Assignment_ID > 'str_Assignment_ID',


      l_Loc_ST_DT <'l_curr_val_Start_Date' default TO_DATE('0001-01-01','YYYY-MM-DD'))


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