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    I can't still compile package bodies from source file


      Hi all,


      This extension looks great. Being able to connect using proxy users was pretty cool and I am using that.


      However, the inability to compile my source files directly from VSCode makes the extension not that useful as it could. I am used to code within VSCode and I have a "VSCode Task" that runs SQL*Plus and compile the file I am working on. But I always wanted to use some more native extension to achieve this, so I thought I could use this extension but I can't.


      When I open a source file that contains my package specification I can "right-click" and choose "Execute all" and it kinda works. It opens a new tab with my entire code in there and if I scroll to the very bottom I can see the result. The downside is that there is an error it won't highlight the line... But when I try the same steps with source files having the package body it simply can't compile. Looks like it handles the spaces and CRLF in a different way because in the new tab it open I can see my code but with no spaces between keywords and CRLF are somehow different than what I have in my original code.


      Anyways, I see a big potential for this extension when we're finally able to code and compile without having to leave VSCode to compile in SQL Developer or SQL*Plus.


      Stay safe anyone.