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    How to make sure ORDS is ready to use ?


      Hello !


      I am having trouble using ORDS. First of all I am not the administrator of the database and of the WebLogicServer so I haven't installed ORDS myself but I assume the tool is correctly installed for several reasons :

      - I can see various ORDS related users when I query "select * from ALL_USERS;" like ORDS_PUBLIC_USER or ORDS_METADATA

      - I can use ORDS' related wizards in SQL Developer

      - PL/SQL procedures automatically generated like this one compile:




          ORDS.ENABLE_SCHEMA(p_enabled => TRUE,

                             p_schema => 'RECYCLING',

                             p_url_mapping_type => 'BASE_PATH',

                             p_url_mapping_pattern => 'recycling',

                             p_auto_rest_auth => FALSE);




      - I read on Oracle website that ORDS is already present on Cloud Databases


      But I can't make it work so maybe it is not ready to use. (Or maybe I didn't use it correctly but I would rather make sur about install before trying to troubleshoot)


      Is it enough to assume the tool is correctly configured and ready to use ? How can I make sure ORDS is ready to use (DB and server's admins take very long to answer so i'd rather not ask them but if I had to, what should i ask them ?)


      Thanks in advance and sorry if it seems really newbie but I am new to programming and honestly trying my best.