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    EBS R12.2.9 upgrade question related to EBR (Edition-Based Redefinition)

    Kevin Zhang

      Hi All:


      our concurrent EBS is:


      EBS Version: R12.1.3

      DBMS Version: R11GR2 (


      We plan to upgrade to:


      EBS Version: R12.2.9

      DBMS Version: 19c


      when reading the document related to upgrade, one topic/headache is EBR (Edition-Based Redefinition). Though, EBR sounds has lots of benefit (one huge benefit is reducing downtime).


      My question is:


      - Do we mandate to turn on/use EBR in EBS R12.2.9 + 19c? Or we can choose not turn on EBR in "EBS R12.2.9 + 19c"


      Basically, we don't want use EBR (we can easily get downtime from our business in my case) and don't want use EBR in future "EBS R12.2.9 + 19c". Can we opt out or we will be forced to use it.


      I did many search and everyone is talking about nice feature of EBR and can't find an answer to not use it.





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          Hi Kevin,


          As part of the 12.2.0 upgrade process, you must run the online patching enablement process, which enables EBR of the EBS objects.  Then you can use adop to upgrade to 12.2.9.  This is the same for all database versions that 12.2 supports.  There is no way to bypass this requirement, as you would not be able to apply any 12.2 patches to your system.


          Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide Release 12.0 and 12.1 to 12.2





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            Kevin Zhang

            Hi Michael:


            Thanks for the confirmation. It looks that we have to understand and manage EBR going forward in EBS R12.2.x. when I read it, EBR feature is constantly mentioned along with online patching process, which is really a DBA's realm. I am EBS developer and for customization code (RICE components) migration, I wish to not use EBR at all: if we can easily get downtime from business, what is the point to have EBR at all: EBR is not revision control anyway. If I need rollback my code, I can do it: all code is source coded.


            It seems for EBS R12.2.x Oracle forces all developer to learn and understand EBR, which is really confusing. I did many research and try to find answer for "As an Oracle developer for EBS R12.2.x, what is the simple workflow for SDLC (software development lifecycle) going forward with EBR enabled". Again, I'd like to keep the edition to the minimum as much as possible. I just can't find a good document/blog to explain the new SDLC.





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              Sylvain Martel

              Hello Kevin,


              As Michael indicated (and you should listen to MIchael!), there is no way around online patching/EBR in R12.2. 


              If you are looking a "not so dry Oracle" information, I suggest you look at John Peters presentations from previous years.  John has presentation archives on his web site that you might find interesting.  John's web site is here.


              Look for R12.2 Development and Deployment of Customizations and R12.2 Extension and Development Tips and Tricks presentations.  John explains these concepts quite well.


              Hope this helps!

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                Kevin Zhang

                Hi Martel:


                Thanks for your valuable information. John Peter's representation is really valuable!!!


                BTW, I believe I also connected with you before related to APEX-EBS integration topics.


                Again, thank you!