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    Creation of user defined function to validate the ASCII character set and Alphanumeric values.

    Sourabh Kshitiz

      I am having one doubt,whether we can create any user defined function in OPA?


      Such as if we have a requirement of validating the user input ,whether the characters are as per the conformed ASCII character set or not ?We need to implement the logic to validate the input without the use of Regular Expression over here.Can we create a function to validate the same?


      One more point such as if we have a user input as "ABCDK8978E" and we need to validate that this is as per the conformed standards and the first 5 characters are alphabet ,next 4 characters are numbers and last character is Alphabet.

      We can use isNumber function to validate the numeric part,but is there any function to validate the alphabets ,so we donot allow any erroneous %@ symbols in the user input.