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    SQL Developer Web stopped working after update to ORDS 20.2

    Olafur T



      After the update on our test environments (2 seperate databases) to ORDS 20.2, SQL Developer web stopped working.


      Response is a 404 with the text The service is disabled in this environment


      In the update the default was here

      Enter a number to select a feature to enable:
         [1] SQL Developer Web  (Enables all features)
         [2] REST Enabled SQL
         [3] Database API
         [4] REST Enabled SQL and Database API
         [5] None
      Choose [1]: 1


      Was working before the update, schema is rest enabled. defaults.xml has the two entries

      <entry key="feature.sdw">true</entry>
      <entry key="restEnabledSql.active">true</entry>


      Even /ords/sql-developer gives the 404 error




      ** Found it. There is a new parameter that needs to be added.,database.api.enabled = true


      <entry key="database.api.enabled">true</entry>




      Was going to cancel posting, but leaving this up in case others run into the same problem.