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    Privileges to create a table in PDB


      I have installed 18cXE, supposedly with not problems or exceptions.  I have installed, successfully, SQLDeveloper.  I then used the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create a new pluggable database.  I used the XEPDB1 that was created by default during installation.  I created a new administrator name and password.  All went well.

      Then I went into SQLDeveloper.  No problems.  I went to create a new connection.  I gave it a name.  The default database type is "Oracle", authentication type "default".  I entered the username and password, with the role as "default".  The connection type is "basic".


      The Hostname remained as "localhost" and the Port as 1521.  There is no SID.  The Service name is the name of the PDB I created with DBCA.


      I test and everything goes well, "success"!.  I then connect and open the new connection and here comes the problem:  I do a simple SQL to CREATE a new table.  I get an error:  How do I do anything else in order to get permissions to do a simple table CREATE?


      Thanks all!




      Error starting at line : 1 in command -



      LAST_NAME CHAR(15),

      FIRST_NAME CHAR(15),

      STREET CHAR(15),

      CITY CHAR(15),

      STATE CHAR(2),



      RATE DECIMAL(3,2) )

      Error report -

      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      01031. 00000 -  "insufficient privileges"

      *Cause:    An attempt was made to perform a database operation without

                 the necessary privileges.

      *Action:   Ask your database administrator or designated security

                 administrator to grant you the necessary privileges