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    Database API + SQL developer web problems

    Olafur T



      So I'm testing out the DBA part of SQL Developer Web and all DBA API calls end in 403


      The request could not be processed because a table or view referenced by the SQL statement being evaluated is not accessible or does not exist


      Or 404  (DB is 19.5)

      No statement found for this database version


      The schema has dba, pdb_dba (plus pretty much gave all the roles available).


      Done the basic stuff here:




      <entry key="jdbc.auth.enabled">true</entry>
      <entry key="database.api.enabled">true</entry>
      <entry key="feature.sdw">true</entry>
      <entry key="restEnabledSql.active">true</entry>


      SQL worksheet and Data Modeler work fine, it's just the DBA part.


      This how my network log looks like when I go into Top SQL



      Using Tomcat 8 as the back-end and have the following line in the server.xml ( relaxedQueryChars="{,},[,],$,:" )


      /_/db-api/latest/metadata-catalog/openapi.json works and gives me a big JSON document.


      Any ideas?