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    eloqua API email deployment - showing as live send


      I'm using the REST API 2.0 for sending quick tests but they're coming through as 'live' sends in the reports. Surely there's a way for it show up as a test, right? I feel like I'm missing something simple but not sure what it is. Here's the object I'm passing in the request body:

      "type": "EmailTestDeployment",
      "name": "REST Test 01",
      "contactId": selectedContact[0].id,
      "sendFromUserId": null,
      "email": {
           "type": "Email",
           "id": email.id,
           "name": email.name
      "sendOptions": {
           "allowResend": "true",
           "allowSendToUnsubscribe": "true"


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!