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    IDCS and OIA

    Scott Heidenreich

      I am working to set up IDCS as the SSO provider for my OIA hubs. It is working as expected, except there appears to be no way to get IDCS to recognize the existing user accounts on the hub. And there doesn't seem to be a simple way to export the user information from the OIA hub without using an API call so that the information can be uploaded into IDCS to create the accounts.


      It appears that unless I use an API to get the list of users from the OIA hub, I'll need to enter them manually into the IDCS upload users.csv.

      Then after I've created the accounts in IDCS, go into the OIA hub and delete all the existing user accounts

      Then go back into IDCS and add the user accounts to the OIA hub application to have the user accounts recreated in the OIA hub.


      Is this true? If so, what a terribly inefficient way to onboard something to IDCS.