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    BI Publisher: XML File as Data Source - Where is the file stored?

    Rock Starr

      I am wondering where the XML data file, uploaded from the local file system, of an XML Data Source is stored?   When I create a data model with an XML file data set, then look at the object definition, I see this:


      <dataModel xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xmlp" version="2.0" xmlns:xdm="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xmlp" xmlns:xsd="http://wwww.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" defaultDataSourceRef="demo">


            <property name="include_parameters" value="true"/>

            <property name="include_null_Element" value="false"/>

            <property name="include_rowsettag" value="false"/>

            <property name="exclude_tags_for_lob" value="false"/>

            <property name="xml_tag_case" value="upper"/>

            <property name="sql_monitor_report_generated" value="false"/>

            <property name="optimize_query_executions" value="false"/>



            <dataSet name="Testing XML File" type="simple">

               <file dataSourceRef="xdo:local">OUTPUT (1).xml</file>



         <output rootName="DATA_DS" uniqueRowName="false">

            <nodeList name="Testing XML File"/>












               <layout name="Testing XML File" left="280px" top="0px"/>

               <layout name="DATA_DS" left="0px" top="35px"/>







      I suppose it is stored to UCM somewhere, but I don't see it in there. Any thoughts?