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    Wrong checksum for ORDS 19.2 download

    Natalie G

      Searched Google for "download ords oracle", first result was "Oracle REST Data Services 19.2". Downloaded ords- from that page, calculated the checksums: MD5 match what's given on the download page but SHA1 don't, should be dc6fe4a439944639508a0caf3b5ae7e799954bf1 ba0b3eb616d66f0176bd5ae0ce33a271903dce13, not fd1a67f7979490cb04fd7fdc12249a22df47189f. So, is it dead or alive?

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          I'm not sure why they wouldn't match.  This is the utility I was using




          C:\_temp>fciv -both ords-


          // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.


                          MD5                            SHA-1


          47a5f7f44987f87bfabbc390d507f244 ba0b3eb616d66f0176bd5ae0ce33a271903dce13 ords-

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            Natalie G

            Apologies, I've the same checksums as you; I copy+pasted the SHA-1 for ords- instead for ords- I'll correct the OP.

            C:\Users\Owner\Downloads>certUtil -hashfile ords- md5
            MD5 hash of ords-
            CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

            C:\Users\Owner\Downloads>certUtil -hashfile ords- sha1
            SHA1 hash of ords-
            CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.


            Still, Oracle's MD5 matches the MD5 for the 19.2 I downloaded, but Oracles SHA-1 doesn't match. The checksums do both match for the 20.2 download.

            (ugh, I'd forgotten about the editor here. It's like visiting Charlie Chaplin's house.)