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    Unable to mount NFS even after ports are open


      We are trying to mount nfs from RHEL 7.8 to oracle Linux 7.6 . But when we are trying to mount on oracle linux we are getting this and nothing is happening . Nfsclient-utils package is installed .


      mount.nfs4 -vvv 198.xxx.xxx.120:/reports /mnt
        mount.nfs4: timeout set for Thu Jul 23 14:09:37 2020
        mount.nfs4: trying text-based options 'vers=4.1,addr=,clientaddr=10.xx.xx.34'


      Any help why we are not able to mount .

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          1. Those are status messages from the mount.nfs4(8) example.  Can you post the entire transcript here, at least enough to show a mount failure?
          2. Is this storage listed in the "/etc/fstab" file on the NFS client machine?
          3. Are all the necessary daemons running on the client machine?
          4. Are any entries made in the "/var/log/messages" file when the mount is attempted?
          5. Are you able to show where the ports are open in the firewall?
          6. Is this in a virtual machine?  Can you ping the NFS server? 
          7. Can you use telnet(1) and connect to those ports on the NFS server?