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    OBIEE: Issue of passing "All record values" of presentation variable to Direct Query




      Prerequisites: OBIEE 12c and Oracle


      I've got an issue when trying to pass "All Record values" to direct query.

      1. For dimension of Branches I setup presentation variable in a prompt as p_branch, checked option of “Include All column values choice in a listand selected All Column Values as default option as well.
      2. A piece of Direct Query statement looks like that to pass multiple values from OBIEE prompt:


      select <.....> from <.....>

      where BRANCH_ID in (@{branch_id}['@']{'MainOffice'})


      1. When “All Column Values” is checked in a prompt the Direct Query returns records only for “MainOffice”, meanwhile if the above mentioned option is unchecked but all Branches in the list are checked the query returns the proper result. It looks like the prompt cannot pass “All Column Values” to Direct Query.


      I’ll be very thankful for any suggestion or advice for that matter.