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    ORDS Connection Pooling issues

    Simon Collins

      Hi All


      We have a Oracle 12c database running with  ords. on apache-tomcat-7.0.72 and APEX 5.0.4 installed.


      Twice in the last year we had ORDS fall over with the connection pool running out


      Could not obtain a database connection because all connections in the pool: |apex|al| were in use. Borrowed Connections: 75 Available Connections: 0


      After the 1st time I have carefully monitored the number of sessions that the were connected to the database to see if there was any incremental growth (away from the initial 10 that is set in the config file) for the 4 main ORDS users and the number of sessions has never got anywhere near the 75 limit and yet overnight even though the tomcat logs showed no excessive requests / load we have the same thing happen again and it took the system down until tomcat was restarted some 6 hours later.


      Our config file is pretty much the default with the exception of the max connections which I've increased and the initial limit.


      I know there a lot of variables at play here but wanted to know if anyone else had any similar experience or had any suggestions on whether there are any other config items I could change to counter this (or whether the recommendation is just to upgrade my version of ORDS)