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    JS web app to APEX



      We have web application running on windows webserver  designed using  Java Script,CSS and Webservices.

      Web services are deploying on APEX which is installed on Oracle EBS database and accessing data from Oracle EBS R12.


      Basically this JS web application is accessing data from Oracle EBS R12 and displaying to the users and some scans of shipping information is inserted into custom tables in Oracle EBS.

      This app is running on windows surface tablets and windows 10 desk top computers.


      Question:  We are analysing the feasibility of moving this Java script web app to APEX Based web application for easy maintenance and enhancements and reporting capabilities.

                           Can this web page run on Windows surface tablets?

                           I am sure it works on windows10 laptops.


                           What are the pro's/con's of  JS vs APEX?


      Please advise any inputs.