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    Connection Timeout When Using UTL_HTTP (or UTL_SMTP) (Doc ID 760664.1)


      Good Morning,

      We have a system with an arquitecture in which coexists PL/SQL programs and Rest services, and now we have a need of call to a Rest service from a PL/SQL.

      I have been taking a look into the DOC ID 760664.1 and inside it, there is an enhancement request (BUG 5865777) but it is not accesible for non Oracle employees yet.

      First, Do you know when will be available the bug 5865777?

      While is not available we have tought to call from the PL/SQL to the Rest Service through the tool WSO2 and set the timeout in this tool, what do you think about it?

      I have seen that, as a workaround, it is possible to change the paramateres of the TCP connection timeout, but this will affect to all otubound TCP connections from the database, so it is not acceptable to us.

      Many thanks.