Trying to install ODBC (32 bit) on machine with XE


    I'm trying to install the Oracle ODBC client on a Windows 10 machine with XE already installed. I was able to install the 64 bit version, but a 32 bit application will be connecting through ODBC, so I need the 32 bit version. When I run ODBC_INSTALL.exe, it claims to be successfully installed, but I do not see the Oracle driver in the driver list. When I run the 64 bit version, I can see the driver from the 64 bit ODBC panel. I did find the the Microsoft Oracle driver would let me configure something, but didn't work.


    I tried installing the ODBC client on Win10 VM that does not have XE installed, and it worked - I could see the Oracle driver in the 32 bit ODBC panel, and could access the Oracle configuration dialog. (I copied the files from the non-working InstantClient_19_6 directory


    I've tried copying the ODBC config to the product\18.0.0\dbhomeXE\bin directory, but that changed nothing. I've tried it with and without the path variable having the path to the ODBC files (which is different from the XE home). The VM test worked without the path directory.


    Any suggestions?